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Red Sky At Night - Activities!


Interested in the science behind the sayings in Red Sky at Night? Meteorologist, Phil Chadwick dives deeper for us, here: http://philtheforecaster.blogspot.com/

Fish Windsock

  • We used plastic tablecloths to make our windsocks, though the kids found it slippery to cut. I'd suggest using waxed kite paper if you have some. 
  • We folded our sheets in half. The fold becomes the bottom of the fish. The rest of the fish was drawn with magic marker.
  • Packing tape was used to tape the top edges (but not the ends).
  • Scales, eyes and fins were attached with tape.
  • 3 Ribbons were attached to the mouth and tied together about 2 ft from the fish.
  • We had to run on a windless day with ours!
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Paper Weathervanes

  • We used black cardstock, straws, wire, tape and a base (could be anything flat) to make our weathervanes.
  • First we drew our shape with pencil.
  • We cut the shape out and attached a straw to one side, taping the top of the straw closed.
  • Next, we curved the bottom of the wire (floral wires from the dollar store) into a flat circle, leaving most of the wire long. 
  • We put the straw over the straight part of the wire.
  • Then, we attached the curved part of the wire to some matte board. 
  • These looked so great. The kids were really proud of them. I love this fish my son made!
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Beach Baby Activity - Sand Castle Painting

What You'll Need

  • cardstock (black is nice to show off the sand)
  • markers (we used gold and silver)
  • gluesticks or white glue
  • sand
  • beads or shells
  • We used black paper, drawing our castle outline and details with silver and gold pens.
  •  We covered the castle area with glue. 
  • Sand was poured over the glue and then shaken off. 
  • The beads were added with white glue after.
  • If you want to keep the sand from coming off, you can spray it with fixitive. 

Butterfly Park Activity - Magnetic Wand Garden

  • We used the lids of boxes that hold printer paper for the base of our gardens.
  • We then drew flowers and attached the pictures to the top of the box.
  • The magnetic wands were made from tongue depressors. We taped a magnet to the end.
  • The kids discovered polarity of sticking 2 magnets together! After making butterflies we attached a magnet to the back of each. Some worked and others pushed away from our wands. 
  • Once our magnets were sorted, we had fun playing with our new toys, using the wand behind the garden to make the butterflies fly. 
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If You Hold A Seed Activity - Miniature 3-D Forest

  • This is an easy way to make 3D art with kids. First fold cardstock in half. 
  • Then, fold each end into the middle and tape the seam.
  • Pop it up. You can cut indentations in the ends and fold them in on the sides to make it stay upright.
  • Make trees and attach them to the top of either side of your rectangular prism with tape or a gluestick.
  • Decorate the surface with an extra panel of paper or make draw roots!
  • My daughter added deer to create an animal habitat.
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Shadow Chasers Activity - Shadow Puppets

Did you know there are hidden animals throughout the pages of Shadow Chasers? Look behind the two girls running and you will see a deer and bird. See how many you can find and follow up with this activity.

  • To make shadow puppets you can use any thick paper. We used black cardstock.
  • We drew animals and cut them out.
  • Some children made 2 piece animals that hinged in the middle with a brass fastener.
  • We pulled paper clips into L shapes and attached one side to the animal and one side to a popsicle stick. 
  • We hung a sheet over a table and played with our shadow puppets.
  • Just a note to be careful with your light source. If working with kids, create a perimeter around the light or give them flashlights. Have fun!
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More activities coming soon!